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THE BEST IS YET TO COME - One Of A Kind Healing Bracelet

One of a Kind Jewelry THE BEST IS YET TO COME Bracelet - zen jewelz

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Product Code: BOAKPHOS

Wrist Size

Womens Small (6")
Women's Average (7")
Women's Large (8")
Gift / Self

Blue Sage

Cleanse the energy of your Gemstones or Personal Space! *FREE INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED* [Add $7.99]
Abalone Shell for Smudging

Burn your sage in an Abalone Shell. The shell represents Water, a gift from the ocean! [Add $14.99]
Personal Smudging by ZenJen

Personal Smudging by ZenJen [Add $10.00]
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One of a Kind Jewelry - Phosphosiderite and Polychrome Jasper Bracelet


Feast your eyes on this incredible delicious eye candy for your soul!! Featuring Lilac Phosphosiderite and LUXE Polychrome Jasper.

Phosphosiderite: Helps to overcome fear, relieve stress & calm a quick temper. Has a strong resonance with the heart chakra, therefore helps to nurture oneself, receiving the energy of Divine love knowing that you always have the support of the Universe. Helps one to remain focused on their spiritual path in this lifetime.
Known as the “supreme nurturer.” Sustains and supports during times of stress bringing tranquility and wholeness. Reminds people to help each other. Absorbs negative energy and cleanses and aligns the chakras and the aura. Aids quick thinking, and promotes organizational abilities and seeing projects through. Stimulates the imagination and transforms ideas into actions.

Phosphosiderite is said to be a rare stone. The meaning of this stone's name is related to its mineral makeup, as it contains both phosphorous and iron. Siderite relates to the Greek word sideros, meaning iron. It is said to also be known as 'piedra voga' meaning pink stone and 'la rosa voca' meaning pink rock. Most of these crystals are mined from areas of Chile, Argentina, Germany, Portugal or the USA. You will notice yellow veins within the stone. These may be very fine lines or heavier lines and some of these stones even have yellow patches in them. It is said that the yellow inclusions are called Cacoxenite.
These healing stones are very powerful in assisting you to feel calm and has a strong resonance with the heart chakra, therefore helping to nurture oneself. This gemstone is helpful in overcoming fear, relieves stress and reduces anger, calming a quick temper. It can also be used on all of the 7 chakras for specific healing work in order to open, cleanse and purify each chakra. For example, if you use Phosphosiderite within the solar plexus chakra, it can help you to break emotional ties that bond you to others, specifically those that are not in your best interest. If used on the third eye chakra, it opens one's consciousness to the higher dimensions so that one is able to receive the energy of Divine love and to know that you always have the support of the Universe. This gemstone has a very calming, nurturing energy that helps one to remain focused on their spiritual path in this lifetime. So, if you are looking to raise your vibration and experience the calming energy of Phosphosiderite, this energy bracelet is for you!

Phosphosideriete has been said to have excellent healing action in the body. Its action can easily be felt in the stomach area and it seems to work to support the thyroid and adrenal glands. If you have health issues related to aging, it can help negate these problems. Wearing a Phosphosiderite bead bracelet may allow your cells to be reprogrammed and all of your cells to be regenerated. It can also aid issues that may be psychosomatic in nature. If you have heart related health concerns, you may benefit from this powerful gemstone because of its resonance with the heart chakra. It can also help issues with the lungs, such as respiratory problems like cold or flu.

ZenJen smudging your healing crystal bracelet- Add on in checkout.

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