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Agate Jewelry

Healing Properties of Agate Gemstones

The use of Agate gemstones in jewelry design dates back many years and these beautiful stones are still as stylish and popular as ever! Our glamorous and eye-catching Agate bracelets and necklaces boast a more naturalist aesthetic and offer many stunning color options. Agates are known as grounding stones that help to heal emotions, soothe emotional turbulence, overcome negativity, and improve self-confidence. Wear Agate jewelry to strengthen your mind and soothe your soul. Shop our selection of hand crafted healing jewelry and become your best self!

Agate Healing Properties:

  • Soothing, calming and grounding
  • Brings great strength
  • Facilitates acceptance of oneself and builds self confidence
  • Rebuilds emotional strength

Chakra Balancing:

  • Agates can remove blockages from the 7 chakras. Agate also relates to specific chakras according to the stone color.
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