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Labradorite Jewelry with Zen Jewelz

The healing qualities of crystals and gemstones are not a recent discovery, and it goes far deeper than a stylish toy for New Agers. In fact, the use of these sacred stones goes back thousands of years. Gemstone work has roots in pagan practices and even further back in ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and the Aztecs. You could find them present in cosmetics, statues, amulets—and yes, jewelry.

Healing crystals are sacred in many cultures, and their use is meant to be in respect to the millennia that it took for them to form. They can harness the energy of the Sun and the Moon, the oceans and the sky—and as soon as you touch these semi-precious stones, you are bearing witness to their power.

Your body and these crystals both hold an individual vibration, and through crystal work, you can align their vibration with your own. A crystal has the potential to create change in all aspects of your life based solely on its powerful vibration. No matter your journey, the right crystal can guide your way and make your path a little easier.

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More About Our Labradorite

You may have come across a labradorite bracelet or necklace without really knowing the meaning behind this powerful stone. Labradorite is a polished gem that can come in shades of blue or green, or even brown and gray. It’s not fickle but formed out of intent and in-depth, making it known as a stone of transformation.

Labradorite jewelry is an asset for those prone to overwork and anyone who regularly comes into contact with stressful situations. In that way, it’s widely considered one of the best protectors, as it can create a shield around the aura of the wearer that they can carry with them all day. That will allow the labradorite to temper negative energies both in the world and in the person wearing it.

For those going through a shifting period, something like a labradorite bracelet can act as a grounding agent in this period of change. This gem understands the tumultuous nature of life and can provide strength and perseverance where it is so desperately needed. When the tides in your brain are wild with hypotheticals and intrusive thoughts, labradorite can do away with fears and insecurities and calm the mind. It’ll take your powerful imagination and turn it into developing enthusiasm and new ideas.

For physical conditions, labradorite jewelry can be beneficial in a variety of ways. It can work primarily on disorders of the eye and brain, but it can also balance hormones and relieve menstrual tension. If you have a cold, you can wear our labradorite bracelet to ease symptoms. The bracelet also serves as a reliever for those suffering from painful rheumatism.

Overall, labradorite is a gem for those who need their aura strengthened, their throat chakra stimulated, and their consciousness raised beyond their physical form. In that way, this is a stone that wants to serve you.

Labradorite is a stone with a story. It is sourced all over the world, with deposits in Nordic countries like Norway and Finland, along with places like Madagascar and Russia. It was, however, first discovered in North America—specifically Labrador, Canada, where labradorite gets her name. But even before it was traditionally discovered, labradorite was a holy artifact for the indigenous people of Newfoundland.

The Innu called it the “firestone” and knew even then that it bore a striking resemblance to the Northern Lights. In fact, certain legends claimed that the lights in the sky came from an Inuit warrior feeling the colors of the stones themselves. Others believed that the stars beyond the lights were once found in labradorite stones before being released to the heavens. Regardless of myth, early tribes were confident that what we have today in our labradorite jewelry is the remnants of color that decided to stay.

In scientific terms, what the Innu were seeing was what is now called labradorescence. It may be the earliest recording of labradorite and how it allows the imagination to flourish. Labradorescence is the name they give to the light that enters the stone and is reflected from the twinning surface within its confines. There are different twinning surfaces in a stone of labradorite, which is why it appears to capture several colors at once when you turn it in the light.

For such a storied gem that has captured minds for generations, we knew we had to work with it in a way that did it justice. That’s why our labradorite bracelet is only one part of the collection we handcraft to fit any spiritual journey. This gem of change embraces adaptation to all the opportunities the world has to offer. So our labradorite jewelry can come as a pendant, mala, dreambox, or more. You can buy a premade piece or customize something with additional stones and accessories to suit your needs.

We craft our labradorite bracelets and all other jewelry handmade in the USA. For custom pieces, you can work with a designer to assess your goals and gather your energy. Based on you and your journey, they will work to find the best stones and charms to aid you on your path. And once the piece is finished, it’s shipped directly to you without any hassle.

The journey you trek down every day is incredibly personal, but that doesn’t mean that you have to walk it alone. The earth wants to help you; that’s why it created so many stones and crystals that embody her strength for you to wield. With Zen Jewelz, you can find a source of protection and a way to shift your energy for the better.

An energy shift is the first step to a better tomorrow. So if you’re ready to take that step, make it with Zen Jewelz and the little piece of planet earth we can offer to you.