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The Zen Jewelz Tourmaline Collection

Most gemstone enthusiasts are familiar with Tourmaline crystals, and for good reason. They’re considered one of the most popular gemstones, as their name covers a wide spectrum of boron silicate minerals. Tourmaline comes in more color combinations than any other mineral on earth, and each crystal carries a power with it that has resonated with individuals for millennia.

At Zen Jewelz, we believe in giving access to the ethereal qualities that minerals like these can provide. That’s why we have designed jewelry showcasing the two most popular variations of this colorful mineral.

If you’re interested in our Black Tourmaline bracelet or its rosier cousin, the Watermelon Tourmaline bracelet, read below to learn more!

Tourmaline: An Overview

Tourmaline shines in its ability to cleanse, purify and transform dense energy. It’s an agent of balance, grounding your personhood and leveling all seven chakras. You may find Tourmaline used by shamans to protect them during rituals or aid in scrying work. It also has a strong connection to nature, so if you have a garden or work with plants, you’ll appreciate its ability to encourage the growth and health of the plant life around you.

Whether black, watermelon (pink), or any other color, Tourmaline allows the bearer to understand themselves and those in their lives. You’ll find our bracelets provide an anchor that promotes empathy and self-confidence while also balancing the right and the left hemispheres of the brain and redirecting negative thoughts.

These factors apply to every kind of Tourmaline, but each individual color palette brings its own qualities to the table.

Our Black Tourmaline Bracelet

We call our Black Tourmaline bracelet a charm for good juju, and as cute as that may sound, we really mean it. Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful protective stones out there.

When you touch a stone on our Black Tourmaline bracelet and run your fingers over what feels like defects, know that it has repelled negative energy and dispersed tension with every inclusion and striated needle. It’s a strong gem, and like strong people, it’s ended up with its share of scars.

Leave the easy work for the more polished and fragile gemstones. Our Black Tourmaline bracelet is here for business.

Physical Properties

The stones we use for our Black Tourmaline bracelet have a storied history of being masters at clearing toxic energies from any source. It’s a shield from the kind of negativity you may find coming from the world as well as inside yourself, and our Black Tourmaline bracelet allows you to carry that strength with you everywhere you go.

Physically, Black Tourmaline can aid in circulation, boost your metabolism while also easing aches and pains. It works closely with all of your organs and your immune system as a whole, so you can count on this rough black gem to help heal you quicker and more completely.

Emotional Properties

Tourmaline is a grounding stone, and Black Tourmaline is even more so. It’s valued for its ability to swallow negative energies - perhaps that’s the reason why the gems tend to be so inky-black. Whatever the reason, it’s undeniable that these stones can take nervous and unhealthy vibrations and shift them towards positivity. Consider it akin to a nightlight in a child’s bedroom.

It also can’t be understated how important it is to have something to ground you in this modern and hectic world. When you have your feet on a solid surface (both physically and metaphysically), it clears your root chakra and gives you full access to your confidence and sense of connection.

Do you sometimes feel like the world is caving in around you? Are the actions you make throughout the day based on what you actually want, or are they just split-second impulses rooted in fear? Anxiety has a way of pulling you up by the nape of your neck into a spiraling storm cloud of dark thoughts. But a Black Tourmaline bracelet can be that tether you need to stay calmer and more controlled.

Using your Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Are you easily swayed by the energies of the people who pass through your life on a day-to-day basis? If you’re someone with an elevated sense of empathy, our Black Tourmaline bracelet could be an especially useful accessory for you. You’ll find that direct skin contact gives you a chance to have a constant connection with this protective gemstone.

Healing and Courage

Our Black Tourmaline bracelet is the most effective way to carry those healing vibrations throughout your day, wherever you go, and whatever situations you face.

You can pair certain gems with Black Tourmaline to complement and further enhance its innate restorative abilities. You may want to balance it with Amethyst to deepen its calming qualities or with Clear Quartz to draw a tribute to the moon’s tides. There are also stones like Hematite which will combine with Black Tourmaline to bring even more protection to your person.

Some other possible partners for your Black Tourmaline bracelet include:

  1. Agate, for balancing the chakras and dispersing fear
  2. Kyanite, for grounding and assisting in meditation
  3. Fluorite, to assist in handling negative energies
  4. Rose Quartz, to activate the heart and throat chakra

Cleansing Your Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Black Tourmaline acts as a sponge for negative energies. And we all know there are few things less pleasant than a sponge that’s been sitting near the sink, soaked in even just a weekend’s worth of grease and food residue. You have to squeeze that sponge to get it ready to work again, and things aren’t that different for your Black Tourmaline bracelet.

Cleansing Black Tourmaline is a simple process that really centers around intent. If you have sage on hand, you can burn it and bathe the bracelet in its purifying smoke. A similar effect is done with sage spray, which you can either buy online or make yourself with essential oil and water.

If you don’t have any of that on hand, you can achieve a similar effect by soaking your Black Tourmaline bracelet in a bowl of clear and clean spring water for twenty-four hours. That’s enough to clear the beads of their toxins, and you can even charge the stones by placing the bowl in the light of the moon!

Our Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet

Watermelon Tourmaline combines Pink and Green Tourmaline, which results in a beautiful stone with hues that can sometimes resemble that iconic summertime treat. Its abilities align with its lovely appearance, creating a variation on Tourmaline that specializes in love and tenderness.

The stones in our Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet range from milky pink to a maroon so dark that it borders on black. It’s an incredibly unique piece that, like its darker sibling, can assist in protecting and promoting feelings of self-confidence. But Watermelon Tourmaline offers qualities unlike anything else in the Tourmaline family.

Emotional Properties

Ask anyone with an eye and heart for crystal work, and they’ll tell you that Watermelon Tourmaline is considered to be a “super activator” of the heart chakra. It’s been used for generations to provide access to the higher self that resides in all of us while also fostering romantic and platonic love. People use Watermelon Tourmaline for the grounding that Tourmaline is known for and find joy in the little things many overlook in life.

Does old emotional baggage control you? Do you struggle with emotions that sway from one extreme to the next? Are patience, tact, and diplomacy all things that seem to be just beyond the reach of your fingertips? Our Watermelon Tourmaline bracelet will ground you, but in situations like these, it’ll also give you that push forward towards your ultimate goals.

Physical Properties

Watermelon Tourmaline shares many of the same properties as other forms of tourmaline when it comes to physical healing. It can boost the function of your immune and endocrine systems, which are two core components to the overall health of your body. It can also lessen tension in the body and improve your physical energy without a crash.

If you have arthritis or sclerosis, Watermelon Tourmaline can aid in the regeneration of nerves and muscles and lessen physical symptoms. Or maybe you’re a sleepwalker or someone prone to nightmares. If that’s the case, you can wear our Watermelon Tourmaline bracelet and take advantage of a new sense of calm.

Using Your Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet

We’re especially proud of our Watermelon Tourmaline bracelet, and not just because it’s very pretty. The skin contact with this particular gem allows you to carry its presence throughout your days.

Artistic Inspiration and Creative Influence

If you’re an artist, wear it to encourage new sources of inspiration and ideas you may not have otherwise considered. Wear it while you meditate to feel the balance of masculine and feminine energies that will keep you level and at peace. And between those moments where you need extraordinary focus, calm, or creativity, you can wear our Watermelon Tourmaline bracelet to embody an energy of love and support wherever you go.

Trauma Healing

Like Black Tourmaline, there are other gems you can pair with your Watermelon Tourmaline, depending on what you want to get out of the stone. If you’re looking into creativity, you can wear it with Rainbow Quartz or Botswana Agate. Or, if you’re aiming to work through emotional trauma, you can complement your Watermelon Tourmaline with Rose Quartz or Black Diopside.

This strain of Tourmaline is an open stone, so you shouldn’t feel limited by what gems you should or shouldn’t pair it with. As long as you follow your intuition, you may find that this rosy stone holds a place with any other gem in your collection!

Cleansing Your Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet

The cleansing process for Watermelon Tourmaline is similar to most other gems. It too can be smudged with sage spray or smoke, or you can let it sit in spring water to release trapped toxins.

It may be helpful to incorporate salt into your practice一an incredibly useful tool for anyone dabbling in gemwork. You can use concentrated salt and bury your bracelet completely before leaving it overnight. If that’s not feasible, you can also soak in saltwater, strengthening its healing properties.

The sun and the moon both hold the ability to recharge Watermelon Tourmaline if you know how to use its powers correctly. To regain your bracelet’s power, you can bathe it in the cool glow of a full moon, or you can set it out in the light of a bright and sunny day. These two extremes are capable of wiping the slate clean, so to speak, and after some time under their influence, you can continue getting the most out of your Watermelon Tourmaline bracelet.

Choosing the Right Zen Jewelz Bracelet for You

Part of ordering online means choice一lots of choices, maybe even so many that it becomes overwhelming. ZenJen, the owner, designer, and energist of Zen Jewelz has worked hard to make the hunt for quality gem jewelry as easy and rewarding as possible. We work with only the best minerals for our bracelets and pendants, respecting and caring for these stones so they can care for you in return.

Our jewels are accessible for both the seasoned practitioner and the patron looking for a stylish accessory to improve their daily lives. We offer a variety of sizes and charm options, along with the option to bundle with blue sage and an Abalone shell to aid in smudges. You can even choose for your piece to be personally smudged by ZenJen herself before shipping, so it could come to your door ready to wear and heal.

The world is uncertain, but at its core, it holds the materials capable of guiding your life and strengthening your spirit. All it takes is that very first step to find a tool like Tourmaline and open yourself to what it can offer. And if you’re looking for pieces crafted with the care and intent you want, you can find that today in Zen Jewelz.