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Fertility Bracelet

Made with Healing Crystals

More and more women are discovering the amazing healing properties of our zen jewelz fertility bracelets. ZenJen has had countless women share their success stories of how their healing crystal jewelry helped them to conceive and carry their pregnancies to term successfully. Beautiful Rose Quartz and Moonstone have an assortment of wonderful healing properties. They have been known to powerfully support the female reproductive cycle as well as aid in breastfeeding and emotional balance. Purchase your fertility bracelet and see what kind of wonders our healing crystals can do for you!
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Moonstone Fertility Bracelet

For far too many women, there is a growing chasm between themselves and their feminine strength. It can be hard to know how to bridge that gap. And even though this is a battle that countless women have faced before, it still has a way of making you feel alone.

But you aren’t alone. Fertility complications have been around for as long as women have. In a way, your pain has a great and storied history behind it. And since it’s been studied and theorized so extensively, society has developed many metaphysical and medical solutions.

At Zen Jewelz, we’ve crafted our famous fertility bracelet based on generations of cultural beliefs and spiritual practices. With all of this in mind, our moonstone fertility bracelet can ground you and enhance your presence, leaving you ready to continue persevering in the way we know you can.

The Fertility Bracelet: An Overview

There have been fertility bracelets for hundreds of years. Jasper has been used in this fashion as far back as Ancient Egypt, where it was connected to their goddess Mother Isis. The Greeks and Romans also believed that Jasper could promise safe labor and healthy childbirth.

Fertility jewelry was common in China during weddings and in the Indigenous tribes of North America. For the tribes in particular, the fertility of their land was just as important as that of their women.

The modern fertility bracelet picks from elements of all of these cultures and more. And since more studies have come out showing the abilities of certain stones, we can combine gems with more insight and accuracy to enhance your being.

How Does Our Fertility Bracelet Help You?

A fertility bracelet can help through sentiment and intrinsic healing properties. In a very simple way, our fertility bracelet is a gift, even if you’re just buying it for yourself. It’s a beautifully hued bracelet with beads of pale pink quartz and marbled grey moonstone. Based only on that, it can serve as a lovely reminder of the journey that you’re on.

Your mindset is a powerful part of your path towards fertility. Studies have shown that excess stress and other negative thoughts can result in physical ailments like insomnia and nausea. If you can make the effort to change your thought patterns, you may be surprised at the effect it can have on the rest of your being. And the gentle weight of our fertility bracelet around your wrist can function as a small tug, pulling you away from negativity and toward the strength you need to fight.

The physical qualities of the average fertility bracelet differ depending on the gems that make it up. A lot of them are used to regulate hormones and the menstrual cycle. Fertility bracelets draw their strength from many stones. But at Zen Jewelz, we chose to create our own fertility bracelet with a combination of moonstone and rose quartz. 

The Meaning of Moonstone

Moonstone has its roots in Sri Lanka and India. It’s a sheer and opalescent gem of milky white, with ribbons of grey and black. It’s representative of the moon, and it stimulates the Third Eye. For this reason, it’s considered a very powerful tool for connecting to fertility and feminine energy.

Speaking first on the chakras, the third eye is incredibly valuable in regulating hormones and increasing fertility. A big part of that is because of the Pineal gland. The Pineal is a small, pine cone-shaped gland deep in your skull. It has no access to light, but it still holds an enormous amount of potential.

When you activate your Third Eye, you’re also stimulating your pineal gland. This gives you the chance to regulate your female hormones and energy. And opening your Third Eye can allow you to experience:

  1. Mental clarity
  2. Clearer self-expression
  3. Improved intuition
  4. Euphoria
  5. Better insight

About the Moon

We like our Moonstone fertility bracelet because of its connection to the moon, that loving face that watches over us every night. The moon is known for her intuition and creativity, and the light she gives is aglow with feminine energy.

Aligning yourself with the moon is a great way to absorb a level of her power. If you have a Moonstone rock you can place it near or under the bed to balance emotions, or you can carry it with you wherever you go through our Moonstone fertility bracelet.

A Rose Quartz Fertility Bracelet

We pair our Moonstone fertility bracelet with Rose Quartz, a familiar pale pink stone you’ve likely seen before. Rose Quartz is considered by many to be the stone of love. When you arm yourself with it, you can feel yourself shining as a person capable of love and loving others. You can use it to open your heart and lower stress and other negative emotions. This stone can be used to reassure you, especially in times of great trauma. Crisis brings change, and Rose Quartz not only understands that but is eager to lead you through it.

We’ve added Rose Quartz to our Moonstone fertility bracelet because of the way it can support the female reproductive system. It improves fertility, and once you experience childbirth, Rose Quartz can help you heal and clear your body afterward. For premature births, our bracelet can stimulate heart function and promote a healthy circulatory system.

Fertility is not a one-stop process. It’s an ever-evolving journey that only grows in detail once your child is born. We understand that, and that’s why we’ve crafted a Moonstone fertility bracelet that has as much depth and care as the women who choose to wear them.

You don’t need to be an expert with gems to get the most out of our bracelet. We will say that the process of caring for and maintaining your Moonstone fertility bracelet may look a little different than other jewelry pieces you may have. Still, it’s a simple change that’s easy to implement.

How to Charge Your Moonstone Fertility Bracelet

Like any gemstone, there are multiple ways that you can charge your Moonstone fertility bracelet. If you aren’t familiar with that term, charging a crystal means wiping its energetic slate clean and enhancing its healing abilities. Much like how a hot shower, long nap, or fresh cup of coffee leaves you ready to face the day, charging does the same thing to the gemstones in your jewelry.

You want to make sure to regularly cleanse your gems, which is not necessarily the same as cleaning. Cleaning removes physical dust and grime, while cleansing clears out bad energies that may stick to your Moonstone fertility bracelet. The supplies to do this are accessible一so much so that you may already have them at hand. And once you cleanse your gems, you can wear your stones without worrying about coming into contact with any outside negativity.

Dried Sage

Smudging is a process that’s done by burning dried sage and directing the smoke over a space, person, or object. Indigenous cultures have been using this as a purification ceremony for generations. You can use this same practice to clear toxic vibrations from your stones and bring them back to the right energy.

All you need to do is light the end of a bundle of dried sage, which you can either make yourself or buy at your local metaphysical store. Extinguish the flame until it begins to produce billows of smoke, and move your Moonstone fertility bracelet through the cloud of grey. You want it to be immersed for around 30 seconds to a minute (more if the gems hold onto a lot of negativity).

The best place to do this is outside the home. If that’s not possible, the next best choice is to do your smudging near an open window. The goal is to give the smoke and the negative energy a path to leave your personal space.

The Moon

It should come as no surprise, but the most effective way to cleanse a Moonstone fertility bracelet is through the light of the moon. This is also one of the easiest ways to cleanse your stones. Ideally, you do this on the night of a full moon. The energy of any amount of moonlight is good for charging your moonstone, but the moon is at her peak when she’s hanging full in the sky.

While you do this, you want to strengthen your charge with a specialized intention. Think about the focus you want your bracelet to embody, a kind of prayer towards everything the Moonstone can do. And once the moon dips and the sky fills with light, pull your bracelet from the outdoors. Thank the sun and moon for their jobs every day, and enjoy the benefits of a bracelet centered towards your very being.

Caring for Your Moonstone Fertility Bracelet

Our Moonstone fertility bracelet is not unlike other forms of jewelry. You need to take the necessary precautions to care for its spiritual properties, and it’s essential to do the same to uphold its structure and luminescent shine. Luckily, doing this isn’t difficult if you understand what steps you need to take.


Moonstone is a particularly delicate stone you need to handle with care. When you’re looking to clean it, all you really need is warm water and gentle soap. You can scrub it with a soft-bristled brush or even just rub it with your fingers, and once you’ve finished, you can dry it with a soft brush.

Taking It Off

Because our Moonstone fertility bracelet is so soft a gem, there are certain situations where we suggest you take off the bracelet and keep it in the ZenJen designed pouch. These include cleaning projects with harsh chemicals and other household chemicals that can dull the stone. You also don’t want to wear it while sleeping or working out, as body oil and sweat can affect the Moonstone and cause it to turn matte.

If you’ve been unable to keep up with that level of care or maintenance, you may find that your moonstone has started to gather some scratches. In case that happens, there’s no need to get down on yourself. For those pushing through the path of fertility, it makes sense that you’d want to cling to something like this as tightly as possible.

Zen Jewelz’s Moonstone Fertility Bracelet

We’re proud of our Moonstone fertility bracelet, just as we are of every stone we offer. At Zen Jewelz, we understand the power that these polished stones can provide us. It’s why we sell more than bracelets. If you’re looking to enhance the sacred nature of any space in your home, you can do so with one of our crystal towers. And to care for any of your stones, you can buy your sage and other ceremonial supplies from our shop, as well.

Too many people don’t realize the answers we can find from the earth. The earth gives us water, sustenance, and air, and within her stones is the strength to help us get through any of our human struggles. For those struggling with fertility, it’s enough to make you feel as if you’re the only person who knows this pain. But you’re not.

The bracelets at Zen Jewelz allow you to connect again with the earth we all came from. So buy one today, and make a companion out of the nature that surrounds you.