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Diamond Jewelry

Healing Properties of Diamond Gemstones

Diamonds are a powerful symbol of clarity and there are very few gemstones that can compare. Bringing love and clarity into partnerships, diamonds bond relationships, enhancing the love between two people as a sign of fidelity and commitment. Diamonds can also impart fortitude, granting feelings of invincibility and fearlessness as they bring to light any negativity that requires change. For this reason, diamonds are great for helping to clear mental and emotional pain as well as battling fear. Shop ZenJen's hand-crafted catalog of diamond jewelry and find your new beginning today!

Diamond Healing Properties:

  • Helps clear sight and allergies
  • Cleanses the aura, allowing the soul to shine
  • Stimulates inventiveness and imagination
  • Aids in enlightenment, bringing clarity of mind

Chakra Balancing:

  • Diamond helps to balance the Crown Chakra (Chakra 7 - Sahasrara)
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