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MANIFEST JOY - AAA Hemimorphite Bracelet

Hemimorphite Bracelet MANIFEST JOY - zen jewelz

Price: $109.99

Product Code: LXBHEMI8SR

Karma Tag & Charm Options

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4 elements: water charm
angel wing - A symbol of good luck, protection, hope, enlightenment & guidance
feather - A symbol of new beginnings.
floating heart
infinity heart
lotus - Rebirth, Spiritual Enlightenment
mini eye of protection - A Talisman to ward off negative energy.
mini Hamsa - A protective symbol which means Hand of God.
moon & star
sand dollar - Internal strength, bravery, transformation
No karma tag - Bracelet is finished off with a sterling silver ball & zj coin.
Wrist Size

Womens Small (6")
Women's Average (7")
Women's Large (8")
Men's Small (7")
Men's Average (8")
Men's Large (9")
Gift / Self

Blue Sage

Cleanse the energy of your Gemstones or Personal Space! *FREE INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED* [Add $7.99]
Abalone Shell for Smudging

Burn your sage in an Abalone Shell. The shell represents Water, a gift from the ocean! [Add $14.99]
Personal Smudging by ZenJen

Personal Smudging by ZenJen [Add $10.00]
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Technical Specs

Hemimorphite Bracelet

Grief transforms into joy with the help of Hemimorphite. Now you can manifest well being on many levels.
Read about our handmade Hemimorphite healing bracelets to see if you connect with this crystal.

***Only 2 left***
Your choice of sterling silver charm & wrist size options available in checkout

Hemimorphite is an extremely protective stone. It promotes self development in the quickest way possible. It teaches you how to create your reality through your thoughts and your attitudes. It shows how to develop inner strength and manifest your highest potential. This optimistic stone teaches you how to be totally open and honest in emotional communication.

Hemimorphite is an extremely protective gemstone, particularly against malicious thoughts and manipulation. In ancient times, it was repeatedly used to counteract poison. Spiritually, this healing crystal facilitates raising vibrations of the physical and subtle bodies and communicating with the highest spiritual levels and multi-dimensions. This gemstone is not an easy ride, as it promotes self-development in the quickest way possible. Insisting on personal accountability, it links to you Higher Self, encouraging you to take responsibility for you happiness or disease and teaches that you create your reality through your thoughts and attitudes. It highlights external influences that do not accord with your soul plan and assists release from these.
Psychologically, Hemimorphite shows how to develop inner strength and manifest your highest potential while maintaining awareness of being part of humanity. Instilling a sense of social responsibility. These healing stones are useful for remaining energized and committed throughout projects, seeing them thought to the end.
Emotionally, Hemimorphite gently relieves angst. If you invariably pitch your expectations and goals too high to achieve, it helps in setting and attaining realistic goals without being emotionally attached to the result. This optimistic gemstone assists in looking back on, and reframing irritating and ingrained traits, and helps being totally open and honest in emotional communication. Wear our Hemimorphite bracelet to support you in regaining full health on all levels!

Hemimorphite can support weight loss, pain relief, blood disorders, the heart, cellular memory and cellular structures. It can also help genital herpes, warts, ulcerative conditions, hormonal imbalances, burns and restless legs.

ZenJen smudging your healing crystal bracelet- Add on in checkout.

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