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Howlite Jewelry

Healing Properties of Howlite Gemstones

Howlite is a smooth, white stone with grey markings. As a powerful calming stone, Howlite can be worn to calm an overactive mind and prevent insomnia. This beautiful gemstone absorbs any anger that is directed toward you, as well as your own anger, and helps to strengthen your positive traits while calming your more turbulent emotions. Howlite jewelry is perfect for anyone suffering from insomnia or who has trouble relaxing.

Howlite Healing Properties:

  • Links to spiritual dimensions and prepares the mind for wisdom
  • Teaches patience and provides insight
  • Helps one overcome selfish tendencies
  • Promotes calm and reasoned communication

Chakra Balancing:

  • Howlite helps to cleanse and balance all seven chakras
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