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WHERE FLOWERS BLOOM, SO DOES HOPE - Pink Peony Kunzite Bracelet

Kunzite Crystal Bracelet - zen jewelz

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Karma Tag & Charm Options

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angel wing - A symbol of good luck, protection, hope, enlightenment & guidance
butterfly - transformation, change & hope
Cherry Blossom - Hope, New Beginnings
daisy - love, beauty & new beginnings
feather - A symbol of new beginnings.
floating heart
infinity heart
lotus - Rebirth, Spiritual Enlightenment
No karma tag - Bracelet is finished off with a sterling silver ball & zj coin.
Wrist Size

Womens Small (6")
Women's Average (7")
Women's Large (8")
Men's Small (7")
Men's Average (8")
Men's Large (9")
Gift / Self

Blue Sage

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Kunzite Crystal Bracelet

Kunzite is a stone of emotion, opening and connecting the heart to the mind and stimulating a healing communion between the two. Kunzite encourages one to release walls built around the heart for protection and to be receptive to the experience of unconditional & abundant love. Awaken your heart chakra and surround yourself with loving vibes with gorgeous Kunzite!

An extremely spiritual stone with a high vibration. Awakens the heart center producing loving thoughts. Radiates peace and connects you to universal love. A protective stone, dispels negativity. It shields the aura, encourages self expression and promotes tolerance and trust.

Kunzite is often called "the woman stone". This healing crystal is recommended for reducing depression, mood swings and stress. It is a soothing stone that can help you adjust to the pressures of life. It is a stone that awakens the heart center or heart chakra (chakra 4 - Anahata). It produces loving thoughts and communication. It connects you to universal love and is beneficial to those who find it difficult to meditate. It is a positive healing crystal that has the power to dispel negativity. It encourages self expression and allows free expression. It removes obstacles of life and helps to adjust to pressures of life and promote tolerance for the self and others, making it useful for healing abuse/loss/drug addiction and other addictions. Helpful in reducing stress related anxiety, Kunzite is excellent for panic attacks. These healing stones are used against negative energy and empowers positive and loving thoughts. Most effective on the Heart Chakra (chakra 4 - Anahata), it opens the emotional heart and spiritual heart. It represents unconditional lovingness and compassion. Kunzite helps emotional balance, confidence, connection to higher self and oneness. Kunzite is also used on the Brow Chakra (Chakra 6 - Ajna) and Crown Chakra (Chakra 7 - Sahasrara) for the reason that it deepens altered states: psychic reading, healing and being centered emotionally and spiritually. This soft pink peony Kunzite bracelet will raise your vibration and reconnect anyone back to their heart chakra!

This stone has been used to strengthen the circulatory system and the heart muscle. It has been helpful for conditions affecting the nerves of the body, such as neuralgia. It can calm epilepsy, soothe joint pain, neutralize the effects of anesthesia and stimulate the immune system. Kunzite contains lithium and has been beneficial for psychiatric disorders and depression. Kunzite can also help the physical body to recover from the effects of emotional stress.
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