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Kyanite Jewelry

Healing Properties of Kyanite Gemstones

Perfect for meditation, Kyanite is a powerful transmitter of high frequency energies, helping to attune and amplify ones natural energies while stimulating intuition and psychic ability. This beautiful blue stone cuts right through frustration, stress, anger, illusion, confusion, and other such blockages to increase ones capacity for clear and logical thought. It also serves to restore energies to the physical body and since it holds no negativity, this crystal never needs to be cleansed. For anyone going through difficult times, Kyanite jewelry is a great choice, as it encourages self-expression and clear thinking. Use our search bar to find the perfect Kyanite jewelry for you!

Kyanite Healing Properties:

  • Encourages truthfulness
  • Connects to spirit guides, helping one reach high planes of awareness
  • Brings spiritual maturity and integrity
  • Opens the throat chakra and encourages self expression and honest communication

Chakra Balancing:

  • Kyanite opens up the Throat Chakra (Chakra 5 - Visuddha) while also helping to balance all Chakras
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