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Moonstone Jewelry

Healing Properties of Moonstone Gemstones

This beautiful healing stone is known as a “stone of new beginnings” and helps to calm emotional triggers and overreactions. The powerful calming effect of Moonstone helps to promote empathy and intuition and connects you to your feminine energy. Often used to help develop clairvoyance and enhance psychic abilities, Moonstone jewelry is also known to help bring balance and soothe stress, promoting happiness and long life. Take a look at our collection of Moonstone bracelets and healing crystal jewelry to find the perfect stone to help calm your feelings and find your peaceful center.

Moonstone Healing Properties:

  • Provides deep emotional healing
  • Attracts loyalty and friendship
  • Stabilizes emotions and soothes emotional stress
  • Reminds us that everything is part of a cycle of change
  • Connects you to goddess energy

Chakra Balancing:

  • Moonstone helps to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra (Chakra 3 - Manipura)
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