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Morganite Jewelry

Healing Properties of Morganite Gemstones

Often known as the stone of Divine Love, morganite is a beautiful, peach-pink gemstone that attracts and maintains love. Morganite aids in connecting to angelic energies by opening one to the frequency of the universe, assisting in developing trust as well as helping one to release unhealthy emotions. Since morganite is a crystal of the heart, it can be used to deepen a current relationship or even attract one’s soul mate. It also helps to enkindle lightness of the spirit while healing hidden traumas and old wounds, relieving emotional stress and anxiety. Warm your heart and swell your soul with our collection of morganite necklaces and bracelets today!

Morganite Healing Properties:

  • Brings inner strength and joy
  • Encourages loving actions and thoughts
  • Promotes assurance, compassion and healing
  • Rebuilds emotional strength

Chakra Balancing:

  • Morganite attunes to the Heart Chakra (Chakra 4 - Anahata)
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