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Onyx Jewelry

Healing Properties of Onyx Gemstones

With the ability to control overwhelming emotions and soothe fears, people have used Onyx as a worry stone for centuries. Onyx is a grounding stone, and therefore is used to absorb or deflect negativity from other people. This glossy black stone can also assist in healing old sorrows and cope with grief. By aligning the energy of the wearer with a higher power, Onyx grants access to higher guidance as well as connection with the whole. If you are looking for a calming stone to guide you into the future, look no further than our collection of Onyx bracelets and necklaces today!

Onyx Healing Properties:

  • Assists in making wise decisions
  • Provides a positive outlook in times of stress
  • Promotes stamina and vigor
  • Imparts self-confidence and assists in learning

Chakra Balancing:

  • Onyx helps to ground the Root Chakra (Chakra 1 - Muladhara)
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