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Poppy Jasper Jewelry

Healing Properties of Poppy Jasper Gemstones

Named for its orb-like ‘flowers,’ Poppy Jasper is a potent and joyful stone that brings motivation to the wearer. This can come in the form of gentle stimulation or a fiery kick of adrenaline as needed, but it also helps to convert ideas into action. Poppy Jasper is a strong, physical healing stone that brings passion and vitality, stimulating the libido and helping to ground energy in the body. It also balances yin and yang energies, aligning the mental, emotional and physical bodies with the etheric realm. To find your balance and motivation, browse our collection of Poppy Jasper bracelets today!

Poppy Jasper Healing Properties:

  • Imparts determination and assertiveness
  • Encourages self-honesty and insight
  • Assists quick thinking and organization
  • Improves dream recall and provides protection

Chakra Balancing:

  • Poppy Jasper resonates strongly with the Root Chakra (Chakra 1 - Muladhara)
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