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SMUDGE FEATHER - zen jewelz

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Blue Sage

Cleanse the energy of your Gemstones or Personal Space! *FREE INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED* [Add $7.99]
Abalone Shell for Smudging

Burn your sage in an Abalone Shell. The shell represents Water, a gift from the ocean! [Add $14.99]
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Smudge Feather

These Exclusive Handmade One of a Kind Smudge feathers created by ZenJen are perfect for cleansing energy while smudging or doing ceremonial work!

ONE OF A KIND & MADE TO ORDER - Each smudge feather is created especially for you.
These ceremonial Turkey feathers are adorned with healing crystals & Buffalo Bone Beads. (Gemstones will vary from picture)
Feathers measure approximately 11" long (tip to tip)
***INCLUDES A FREE ZJ SMUDGING ($10 value) - watch the video below***

Bird feathers are very sacred to Native American culture, religion and tradition. It is considered a high honor to receive a feather as a gift and embellished feathers are often given as a gift of friendship. When a spirit feather is given as a gift, the person receiving the feather is being given a symbol of honoring a person's respect, love and is a sign of providing gratitude. Aside from gifts, feathers are used in many different ways by Native American Cultures. For decoration and embellishment, they are used as hair ornaments or as part of a head band. Hand picked spirit feathers are often placed on walking sticks, bows and arrows, dream catchers and just about anything else you can think of. Since feathers have a connection with birds that fly high in the air, there is a great connection between a feather and the great spirit. Many Native Americans believe that birds have a special knowledge to communicate with other animals. Therefore, feathers hold a special higher power in communications for humans.

Turkey Totem

The Turkey is a spirit animal closely associated with honoring nature and the Earth. Symbol of abundance, this totem animal encourages us to honor our sources of nourishment, whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual. The turkey reminds us to develop a harmonious relationship with the land and our environment and consider them as foundations to our well-being and sustenance. The Turkey totem is a powerful guide to unlocking the fullness of life and feeling content with what we have instead of accumulating material belongings to seek happiness.

Turkey Symbolism

The symbolism of the Turkey focuses on the connection with the Earth and the abundance it provides. Generally, it symbolizes:

  • Abundance
  • Connection with the spirit of the land, with Mother Earth
  • Blessings from the Earth
  • Forms of nourishment in our life
  • Harvesting the fruits of your efforts and your work
  • Importance of community
  • Generosity, sharing
  • Having enough in our life, satisfaction

Buffalo Totem

Buffalo reminds us to give thanks for what we have, and pay tribute to the sacrifice of life that allows us to survive. It comes to teach us to reconnect with the Earth, respect all life, and honor our own divine essence. The buffalo animal totem also represents abundance, gratitude, power, stability, strength, joys, gentleness and helpfulness.
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