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Blue Sage is also called Grey Sage or Rocky Mountain sage but the color is light grey blue and the aroma is of sweet mountain air or a light fresh fragrance. You will find Blue Sage throughout Colorado and other mountain areas. The Native Americans have used Blue Sage in their rituals to cleanse negativity and hate which then opens up the path for spiritual wealth and abundance, healing, calmness and a path towards prosperous health. Cleanses negativity, hate and exorcism.

INCLUDES 3"+ Blue Sage Stick

Have you ever entered a house or room that you thought had a bad vibe, or just felt “off”? Negative energy can linger in a space, item, or even a person, long after whatever caused it to be there has gone. By burning dried sage, also called “smudging”, you can cleanse the affected area, belonging or person of that unfavorable mojo.

Smudging is the common name given to the sacred smoke blessing, a powerful cleansing technique used by Native Americans for centuries. Precisely how or when the smudging ritual started remains debatable, but has been an effective method to heal and bless places & material things with positive energy. Smudging calls upon the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balance. An interesting fact: the botanical name for the sage used in smudging rituals is salvia apiana, derived from the Latin root salvare, meaning “to heal or save”.

People who have experienced smudging of their space or belongings firsthand report that the positive results are instantaneous. Some of the effects include: increased feeling of peace, heightened happiness, greater sense of success, and some even attest the banishment of a negative presence or spirit after their space has been smudged. The smoke from the burned sage helps to shift levels of reality connecting us here in the physical world to the subtle realm of a more spiritual existence. Space, bodies and other physical matter all vibrate with invisible energy, so by using the sage-burning ritual, we can cleanse any built-up negativity, leaving a blank slate on which to impart peace, love and positivity. One might say it is literally a spiritual spring cleaning! Combined with focused efforts to avoid negativity, frequent smudging can help bring about beneficial changes to your space and body.

When should you smudge?
  • When you’ve been feeling angry, resentful or depressed
  • Before participating in a special ritual or ceremony
  • As part of an overall spiritual housecleaning
  • To cleanse items of negativity
  • Smudge homes, offices or other spaces to dispel negative energies left by visitors
  • Smudge new items before bringing them into your space

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