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Apatite Jewelry

Healing Benefits of Apatite Gemstones

Apatite is a beloved gemstone that has garnered much affection for its beauty and its fantastic healing powers. Famous for being a stone of manifestation, Apatite jewelry helps the wearer to seek truth and dispel confusion, as well as reduce emotional exhaustion and irritability. zen jewelz Apatite jewelry helps to encourage positive communication and self-expression while at the same time limiting anger and apathy. Shop our Apatite jewelry and learn why we love this stone and it’s healing powers!

Apatite Healing Properties:

  • Supports communication and self-expression
  • Draws off negativity about oneself and others
  • Dissipates confusion, expands knowledge, and eases feelings of sorrow, indifference and resentment
  • Lessens irritability and emotional exhaustion/stress
  • Balances energy in the base chakra and endorses passion without guilt

Chakra Balancing:

  • Wear Blue Apatite jewelry to help balance the Throat Chakra (Chakra 6 - Visuddha)

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