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Aquamarine Jewelry

Healing Properties of Aquamarine Gemstones

Aquamarine is a powerful healing gemstone. These energy stones promote mental clarity along with soothing and peaceful thoughts for those who wear this gorgeous stone. Much admired this beautiful sea green and blue gemstone allows you to feel connected to the calming water element. Each of our exclusively chosen gemstones will help to increase positivity in your day to day outlook. zen jewelz handcrafts beautiful aquamarine bracelets and necklaces that inspire courage, and provide the strength you need to take responsibility for your life. If you are ready to increase creativity and enjoy peace and tranquility in your everyday life, then we invite you to treat yourself to a unique healing gemstone bracelet or necklace custom designed by ZenJen. Shop today and find your peace!

Aquamarine Healing Properties:

  • Boost courage and fortitude
  • Inspires tranquility, peacefulness, and serene thoughts
  • Soothes anxiety
  • Enhances communication skills
  • Encourages you to have strength to take responsibility for yourself in life

Chakra Balancing:

  • Aquamarine help to balance the Throat Chakra (Chakra 5 - Visuddha)
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