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Bronzite Jewelry

Healing Properties of Bronzite Gemstones

Bronzite is a stone that delivers complete serenity, promoting certainty, composure, and self-control. As a powerful grounding stone, Bronzite provides a sense of stillness to the wearer, allowing the wearer to not absorb any ill-wishes and feel protected from undesirable negative thoughts from others. At zen jewelz, we design our Bronzite jewelry to not only be beautiful, but also be a useful tool for those who are experiencing jealousy, as it dispels negative energy and can return that negativity back to the sender. Shop our selection of Bronzite jewelry today to protect and empower yourself!

Bronzite Healing Properties:

  • Used for protection
  • Repels negative energy, sending it back to the sender
  • Teaches how to “go with the flow”
  • Promotes decisive action

Chakra Balancing:

  • Bronzite is a stone that brings balance to all 7 Chakras
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