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Coral Jewelry

Healing Properties of Coral Gemstones

Unlike other precious gemstones, Coral is not a mineral; rather, it is organic in nature, coming from the sea. Like the calming waves of the sea, Coral jewelry has the ability to quiet emotions, bringing peace and relaxation. Known for providing growth in all areas of life, Coral jewelry can help stimulate adaptability, imagination, sensitivity, and cooperation. It’s a perfect stone for creating a stable energy among groups. As a stone of purification and regeneration, Coral is often used to help heal skeletal injuries and, when used in meditation, helps one reconnect with the spiritual masters of the world, allowing their wisdom to come forth. Find the inner peace you deserve from our selection of beautifully hand-crafted Coral jewelry!

Coral Healing Properties:

  • Attracts prosperity and love
  • Assists in understanding of purpose
  • Promotes peace, optimism and inner peace
  • Helps one reconnect with nature

Chakra Balancing:

  • Red Coral is most effective when used on the Root Chakra (Chakra 1 – Muladhara)
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