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Dalmatian Stone Jewelry

Healing Properties of Dalmatian Gemstones

This stone is a beautiful white color, flecked with spots of black, hence the name “Dalmatian Stone.” As a protective stone, this jewelry helps the wearer maintain composure in any and all circumstances and is said to warn when there is danger nearby. Dalmatian Stone jewelry also helps one remember that they are a spiritual being on a human journey and encourages one to come to joyful terms with this incarnation. Jewelry made from Dalmatian Stone also transmutes negative energies, thereby assisting in balancing one’s emotions, stimulating a sense of fun, and acting as a great pick-me-up in the face of depression. Browse our selection of Dalmatian Stone jewelry today and enjoy a more lighthearted feeling in life!

Dalmatian Healing Properties:

  • Harmonizes emotions, battling depression and depletion of energies
  • Fortifies the spirit and stimulates a sense of fun
  • Helps with safe sleep, preventing night terrors

Chakra Balancing:

  • Jewelry made with Dalmatian Stone is perfect for opening the Root Chakra (Chakra 1 – Muladhara) as well as the Sacral Chakra (Chakra 2 – Swadisthana).
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