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Fire Agate Jewelry

Healing Properties of Fire Agate Gemstones

As one might expect, Fire Agate is a strong stone bursting with positive energy. It serves as a protection stone against fears, cravings, ill-wishing and destructive desires while bringing safety, security, and vitality. Fire Agate has a deep connection with the earth and helps to relieve stress as well as aiding sexual endeavors. Browse our catalog of hand-made Fire Agate jewelry to find the perfect necklace or bracelet to help bring fortitude, vitality and security into your life today!

Fire Agate Healing Properties:

  • Brings vitality and helps heal the endocrine and nervous systems
  • Enhances meditation, helping the body “mellow out”
  • Helps dispel fear and encourages introspection
  • Builds a shield around the body, protecting it from harmful energies

Chakra Balancing:

  • Fire Agate stimulates the Base Chakra (Chakra 1 - Muladhara)
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