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Rutilated Quartz

Healing Properties of Rutilated Quartz Gemstones

At every level, Rutilated Quartz is well known to be an effective integrator of energy. This stone is an efficient vibrational healer, balancing cosmic light and illuminating the soul. Since this crystal helps promote spiritual growth, it is also ideal for aiding in channeling, scrying and astral travel while facilitating contact with spiritual guides. Counselors and therapists find Rutilated Quartz to be helpful as it helps in letting go of the past and breaking down the barriers preventing spiritual progress and growth. Find the perfect Rutilated Quartz necklace or bracelet to let your spirit grow in our online catalog today!

Rutilated Quartz Healing Properties:
Soothes dark moods
Draws off negative energy
Protects against psychic attack
Opens the aura to allow healing

Chakra Balancing:
Rutilated Quartz is connected to all Chakras, helping to bring balance to one’s aura
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